The Sydney Opera House Performance Venues

The Sydney Opera House is a center for performing arts with multiple venues. It is located on Bennelong Point near the Sydney Harbour Bridge in New South Wales, Australia. This landmark was built by Jørn Utzon in 1957 and was formally opened in 1973 by the Queen of Australia herself, Elizabeth II. By 2007, this place was declared as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This opera house has various facilities and venues to offer for diverse performances and occasions.

Facilities and Performance Venues

1. The 2,679-seater Concert Hall is Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s home. This venue is mainly used by various concert presenters. It houses the world’s biggest action organ with mechanical tracker – the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ – which has more than 10, 000 pipes.
2. The proscenium with 1,507 seats capacity, Joan Sutherland Theatre, if Sydney’s home for the Opera Australia as well as The Australian Ballet.
3. The 544-seater Drama Theatre is another proscenium theatre for theatrical and dance presenters and mainly for the Sydney Theatre Company.
4. The Playhouse is a 398-seater end-stage theatre.
5. Depending on its configuration, The Studio can accommodate 400 heads in its flexible space.
6. The small multi-use venue, Utzon Room, can hold up to 210 individuals.
7. The supple Forecourt, which has an open-air setting, offers a wide variety for configuration including the utilization of the Monumental Steps for the audience which is commonly occupied for community events as well as for a chief performance outdoor. However, this venue is still closed (2011-2014) for its entrance tunnel reconstruction for the rebuilding of the dock of Joan Sutherland Theatre.
The other parts of the Sydney Opera House are used as well for occasional performances including ceremonies, social functions and gatherings or conferences. The building, as well, has cafes, a recording studio and retail outlets in addition to bars and restaurants. There is also a guided tour of the building including the ante spaces and backstage.


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