The Rocks Sydney: A Hidden Gem

The Rocks Sydney is one of the lesser known attractions of the city but it does not mean that it is any less admirable. In fact, the strategic location makes it a dream destination for the adventure-seekers, history lovers, or those simply seeking a new experience.

This hidden attraction is located along the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House wherein it nestles at the edge of the harbour for that breathtaking view. It is an urban locality that is noted for one of the historic areas among attractions Sydney has to offer. And yet, it is also located near the central business district that makes it highly accessible for those who are staying in CBD hotels Sydney making the old and new mesh together in one place.The Rocks is administered by the local government of Sydney together with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and New South Wales government. The buildings in the area are made mostly out of local sandstones and the area itself was once known as a slum. In fact, a gang dominated the area and has established that rough and hostile environment until around 1870s.Today, tourists flock to The Rocks Sydney because of its rich history and culture, as exemplified by the buildings in the area. In fact, there are several themed pubs that tourists love to hang out to. There are also several exhibits worth checking out, craft and souvenir shops, and other historical buildings.

It does not matter if you are out to explore a different side to Sydney’s culture or simply want to check out something new. The Rocks has a lot of story to tell. From the cobblestones to its building, it has retained its unique personality throughout the years even with the promise of modern life just nearby

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