Sydney Harbour Bridge: A Walk Along the Skyline

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the best things in Sydney. It is Australia’s symbol and is also a prominent mark on the skyline of Sydney. Actually, the bridge is a sturdy structure but it is not stationary because it can get higher or go down by approximately 18 centimeters due to cooling and heating.

If you visit Sydney, you will learn that this structure is more than just a simple photogenic attraction. With the bridge’s Climb Leaders to guide you, you can be a part of the bridge’s perspective as you walk your way on this skyline. There are actually four ways to go up this bridge:

The Bridge Climb

This type of climb is perfect for those who simply want to take in the moment and onto the bridge’s upper arch. If you get really nervous, this is the ideal climb for you because you can get as much support from the Climb Leaders. As you journey to the top, you will be able to enjoy a 360-degree landscape of Sydney.

The Discovery Climb

With this climb, you can enjoy the Mechano-frame view of the city as you forward to the top. This is perfect if you want to border yourself with the structure of the bridge.

The Express Climb

This energetic climb is the fastest journey up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s summit. Hence, this is good for those who are perfectly fit and for those who just wants a fast track up to the peak.

The Mandarin Climb (English)

Local Mandarin-speaking guides will lead your way to the top in this unforgettable climb. You will experience Sydney’s spectacular view through the Pacific Ocean and into the Blue Mountains.
All climb routes are available all throughout the day except for The Mandarin Climb which is only in the day. You can choose whether to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the day, at dawn, during twilight or at night.


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