Sydney Ferries: Traveling in Style

The Sydney ferries are one of the most iconic modes of transportation in the city and are a must-try for tourists visiting Sydney for the first time. These ferries travel along the beautiful and expansive waterways of Sydney where tourists are treated to breathtaking views of the Sydney harbour and Parramatta River, as well as the neighboring city centre and villages. These ferries help tourists uncover hidden gems of Sydney and experience the laidback aspect of the city’s culture.

The operation of the Sydney ferries started out in 1875 along with the waterways with which it runs along. Today, the ferries serve up to 14 million tourists every year visiting Sydney. The operation of the ferry used to be owned by the NSW government but has since been franchised to the Harbour City Ferries.The ferries follow 8 routes so tourists will get to choose from any of these routes depending on their intended destination. There are also tours specifically held for tourists to give them a chance to experience riding these ferries and to witness the Sydney harbour as the locals do. Most of the weekend trips for the ferry, though, are intended for leisure travel. Booking a tour in the ferry is also recommended when visiting for the Sydney holidays as there are relaxation and recreation opportunities for tourists to exploit.

Tourists who would like to make the most of the experience of riding the Sydney ferries are advised to take a late afternoon ride. Witnessing the gorgeous Sydney harbour sunset from the back of the ferry turns an ordinary commute for locals into a serene and romantic experience for tourists. Several leisure travelers ride the ferry specifically to witness the panorama of lights coming from the city being reflected in the stunning harbour, too.


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