London’s Top Tourist Spots

When you spend time to explore London, you will see amazing structures that have been built years ago. From the time they were built up to this time, they remained to be the most favorite places of locals and tourists.

Some of London’s top tourist attractions that are worth visiting are as follows:

London Eye

Try to experience riding in a giant Ferries wheel named London Eye located on River Thames south banks. This gigantic structure measures 120 meters in diameter and 135 meters in height. If you are not afraid of height, you will really have an exciting ride especially when you are at the highest point. Since its operation in 2000, millions of visitors have already enjoyed the wheel ride and the majestic view of the surrounding areas while they are on the top of the wheel.

London’s Big Ben

Be sure to visit the House of Parliament when you set your feet in London to see the huge clock tower which is one of the popular landmarks in London. This clock tower is called Big Ben which is now named “Elizabeth Tower” as announced by the House of Commons in June 2012. Some important facts about to know about Big Ben are: the minute hands weigh about 100 kilograms and measures 4.2 meters long, the numbers are around 60cm long, there are special lights on the faces of the clock which are lighted during parliament session and the clock has seldom stopped.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge near the Tower of London was built to keep the boats pass freely on River Thames. The structure is a combination of a suspension and a bascule bridge. It is composed of two towers joined together at the upper point by two horizontal walkways.

Once you go to this place, be sure to take pictures on the picturesque angles. You must also enter the Tower Bridge Exhibition to witness the Victorian engine room and know about the bridge’s history through the photos and films.

Trafalgar Square

At the heart of London you will find the Trafalgar Square which is regarded as London’s largest square run by the Greater London Authority. At the center of the square stands a tall monument called Nelson’s Column in honor of Admiral Nelson.

Trafalgar Square is one of the places for events and performances in London. Such events and celebrations include the Olympics One Year to Go, Filming and Photography, St Patrick’s Day, Royal Wedding and Chinese New Year. Demonstrations and rallies are also held in this place.


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