Getting the Most Out of Watson’s Bay Sydney

If it is your first time to visit Sydney, you may have many places in mind to visit. However, one of the attractions in Sydney that you cannot afford to miss is Watson’s Bay Sydney, which is a famous beach that can give you a glimpse of Sydney at a glance. Stepping on Watson’s Bay can give you a perfect opportunity to view some of the best attractions and beaches spread along the coastline. You can decide to take a stroll along the beach, either northwards or southwards, or relax at one of the most celebrated seafood restaurants to have a meal of fresh seafood and sip your favorite drink. Some of the outstanding features of Watson’s Bay Sydney include Lady Bay, a popular nude beach where you can relax as you soak in the sun.

Aside from having a luxurious meal at the famous Doyles on the Beach, which is a coveted restaurant at Watson’s Bay, you can also enjoy a spectacular view of the Sydney Harbor, Circular Quay and the Opera House, among others especially if you take a ferry ride to the beach. From Sydney by car it is only a 20-minute drive to reach Watson’s Bay. Regular buses ply the route from Circular Quay. It is worth noting that you cannot visit Watson’s Bay without experiencing life at Bondi Beach, which is just a short distance from the place. After spending a day or two at Watson’s Bay, you can proceed to Bondi Beach to a glimpse of life at Sydney’s most loved beach.

Check out some pictures below of the beautiful Watson’s Bay Sydney

Watsons Bay 2


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