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Sydney is well known as Harbour City, a big place. Given its favorable weather, with great European history, vibrant economy and diverse lifestyle, it is not doubted to be popular attractions for a lot of tourist as well as migrants. Considered as the most cosmopolitan sanctuary of Australia, this place has its great reputation with the most beautiful and lively cities. Added with nice history and culture, sandy beaches and ocean coastline, the place is perfect for a city break. It has a diverse interesting structure that includes tourist destinations for nightlife, sightseeing, restaurants and foods and accommodations as well.

So whether you find it good to stay in Sydney for good or just a vacation holiday, there are several cheap and budget accommodations to choose from. Among them includes the Oasis of Balmain, the Darlinghurst Altamont Hotel, the Manly Beachfront, 101 Addison and many other.

The Absolute Beachfront- Manly

The Bed and Breakfast is a common and known accommodation for most short time travelers in Sydney. With this, the Absolute Beachfront- Manly offers a modern style, relaxing ambiance which is in front of the sensational beaches. It offers the perfect holiday experience. If you want to experience this top rated B&B, take a look at the available rooms online.


So, experience the world’s known beaches while staying to this nice sanctuary. Absolute Beachfront Manly B&B suits 2 couples as well as for singles. It has a private bathroom though affordable and luxurious.

The 101 Addison Road B&B

An 1880 luxury accommodation is in the name of 101 Addison Road. This B&B is located on the street of Manly eastern hill. It offers several restaurants and cafes nearby including beaches. The Ferry terminal is also within easy stroll. This B&B features a Victorian cottage with complimenting facilities. It has wide front verandah that is perfect to unwind, relax and have some book reading and coffee break. The living room serves the best comfort, music added with available board games, DVD player, television as well as the Yamaha piano.


Breakfast is definitely serves delicious and quality products. There is a private bathroom that offers a friendly service. So make it your most perfect holiday break and be in this romantic accommodation in Australia.


An Oasis In The City

Located in Sydney’s historic and well liked Balmain Village, An Oasis in the City got everything for you. A cool nice ambiance of B&B accommodation offers very spacious, perfect views of Sydney Harbour. This suite is really private, with private bathroom and nice interior. If you want added relaxation, you must try to use the outdoor hot spa that is generally offered to guests. This amenity has complimentary pool towels.


An Oasis is also a short stroll away to restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars. There is also the public transport that is well located nearby. This includes buses, ferries in the Sydney. A couple of night is the minimum stay at Oasis.


Altamont Hotel – by the 8Hotels

The Hotel Altamont is well suited in Darlinghurst Ridge. It is a boutique hotel that is just minute from the city and the Oxford Street. Also, it is a stone’s throw to the harbour and beaches including the airport. The hotel structure was built in 1830 and modeled to the government house.  It was one of the private mansions that were built during the time.


The accommodation features a roof garden, with the view of the city skyline, guest lounge and small courtyard space that is perfect to sip your morning coffee. So make the most of your trip in Sydney and enjoy the budget accommodation in the place.

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